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Gozo was founded on the core idea of simplifying taxi travel for all Indians. Since starting in November 2015, We have consistently enabled one-way taxi travel on more and more routes across India. As of 2018, Gozo has served across states in India and we are now the outstation travel provider with the widest reach. Our principals remain the same - to bring you the Best prices, with Great quality, 24x7 and Nationwide. Taking a one-way cab can be sometimes upto 50% cheaper than traveling one-way. We encourage customers to book their one-way trips atleast 7 days ahead of the trip so it improves our ability to offer you the lowest prices and also find you the best car suited to your needs.

With Gozo you have the option to book one-way, round trip and multi-way transfers across the nation.
If you are looking for airport or railway drop services, then Gozo can serve you all over India and is the best car rental platform to hire One way taxi, airport drops or railway station pickups at the most reasonable rates. The above list of routes is just a sample of popular routes in each major region of India. If there is anything we can do to serve you better, please call our customer support center or message us via the website chat. We are India’s leader in one-way travel where you will Pay one-way when you Travel one-way. Hassle free at the best prices.

Popular One Way Taxi Services in India

Gozo is an outstation taxi services specialist across India. In addition to one-way AC cab and AC outstation shared taxi services we also provide round trips, packaged tours and all sorts of customization to suit your travel needs across all cities and towns in India.
Just as an example, When traveling from Bangalore to Mysore you can consider all choices for travel from Bangalore to Mysore, book one-way cabs, book tempo travelers from Bangalore or Car rentals in or around Mysore and even arrange airport or railway station transfers.

Book one way cab service in North India


Delhi to Jaipur cab 2640 Book Now
Delhi to Dehradun cab 2923 Book Now
Delhi to Agra cab 2227 Book Now
Delhi to Haridwar cab 2321 Book Now
Delhi to Bareilly cab 3536 Book Now
Delhi to Vrindavan cab 1724 Book Now
Delhi to Chandigarh cab 3505 Book Now
Delhi to Rishikesh cab 3543 Book Now
Delhi to Moradabad cab 2501 Book Now
Delhi to Mussoorie cab 4051 Book Now


Gurugram to Jaipur cab 2627 Book Now
Gurugram to Agra cab 2485 Book Now
Gurugram to Dehradun cab 3229 Book Now
Gurugram to Bareilly cab 3366 Book Now
Gurugram to Moradabad cab 2789 Book Now
Gurugram to Chandigarh cab 3200 Book Now
Gurugram to Haridwar cab 2704 Book Now
Gurugram to Delhi cab 1018 Book Now
Gurugram to Shimla cab 5340 Book Now
Gurugram to Vrindavan cab 2408 Book Now


Noida to Dehradun cab 3503 Book Now
Noida to Bareilly cab 3700 Book Now
Noida to Agra cab 2704 Book Now
Noida to Jaipur cab 3323 Book Now
Noida to Haridwar cab 2347 Book Now
Noida to Moradabad cab 2282 Book Now
Noida to Mathura cab 2124 Book Now
Noida to Lucknow cab 6748 Book Now
Noida to Rishikesh cab 3287 Book Now
Noida to Chandigarh cab 3394 Book Now


Chandigarh to Shimla cab 1832 Book Now
Chandigarh to Manali cab 4194 Book Now
Chandigarh to Delhi cab 3505 Book Now
Chandigarh to Kasol cab 3811 Book Now
Chandigarh to Gurugram cab 3516 Book Now
Chandigarh to Kasauli cab 1500 Book Now
Chandigarh to Amritsar cab 2813 Book Now
Chandigarh to Dharamshala cab 3479 Book Now
Chandigarh to Dehradun cab 2682 Book Now
Chandigarh to Ludhiana cab 1478 Book Now


Jaipur to Delhi cab 2640 Book Now
Jaipur to Gurugram cab 2627 Book Now
Jaipur to Noida cab 3146 Book Now
Jaipur to Agra cab 3503 Book Now
Jaipur to Faridabad cab 2594 Book Now
Jaipur to Ghaziabad cab 2992 Book Now
Jaipur to Ajmer cab 2022 Book Now
Jaipur to Kota cab 2557 Book Now
Jaipur to Pushkar cab 2373 Book Now
Jaipur to Udaipur cab 3839 Book Now


Dehradun to Delhi cab 2923 Book Now
Dehradun to Noida cab 3503 Book Now
Dehradun to Gurugram cab 3229 Book Now
Dehradun to Ghaziabad cab 3279 Book Now
Dehradun to Mussoorie cab 1531 Book Now
Dehradun to Chandigarh cab 3394 Book Now
Dehradun to Haridwar cab 1642 Book Now
Dehradun to Faridabad cab 3941 Book Now
Dehradun to Ithaira cab 3267 Book Now
Dehradun to Greater Noida cab 3629 Book Now


Lucknow to Kanpur cab 1555 Book Now
Lucknow to Prayagraj cab 2824 Book Now
Lucknow to Agra cab 5474 Book Now
Lucknow to Noida cab 7286 Book Now
Lucknow to Gurugram cab 7941 Book Now
Lucknow to Bareilly cab 3538 Book Now
Lucknow to Delhi cab 7364 Book Now
Lucknow to Gorakhpur cab 3972 Book Now
Lucknow to Varanasi cab 5675 Book Now
Lucknow to Ghaziabad cab 7557 Book Now


Agra to Delhi cab 2114 Book Now
Agra to Gurugram cab 2485 Book Now
Agra to Noida cab 2676 Book Now
Agra to Ghaziabad cab 2948 Book Now
Agra to Jaipur cab 3503 Book Now
Agra to Lucknow cab 5200 Book Now
Agra to Aligarh cab 2124 Book Now
Agra to Mathura cab 1697 Book Now
Agra to Faridabad cab 2352 Book Now
Agra to Vrindavan cab 1431 Book Now


Haridwar to Delhi cab 2321 Book Now
Haridwar to Gurugram cab 2704 Book Now
Haridwar to Noida cab 2347 Book Now
Haridwar to Mussoorie cab 2737 Book Now
Haridwar to Rishikesh cab 1189 Book Now
Haridwar to Dehradun cab 2233 Book Now
Haridwar to Jonk cab 1229 Book Now
Haridwar to Ghaziabad cab 2622 Book Now
Haridwar to Nainital cab 4186 Book Now
Haridwar to Greater Noida cab 3032 Book Now


Ghaziabad to Dehradun cab 3279 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Bareilly cab 3173 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Agra cab 2948 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Jaipur cab 4255 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Moradabad cab 2135 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Haridwar cab 2622 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Mathura cab 2260 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Vrindavan cab 2983 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Rishikesh cab 3153 Book Now
Ghaziabad to Meerut cab 1105 Book Now

Book one way cab service in South India

imgBangalore Urban

Bangalore Urban to Puducherry cab 4884 Book Now
Bangalore Urban to Coimbatore cab 4735 Book Now
Bangalore Urban to Puducherry cab 4884 Book Now
Bangalore Urban to Coimbatore cab 4735 Book Now


Chennai to Puducherry cab 1511 Book Now
Chennai to Bengaluru cab 4056 Book Now
Chennai to Vellore cab 1947 Book Now
Chennai to Tirupati cab 1973 Book Now
Chennai to Mahabalipuram cab 1321 Book Now
Chennai to Bommayapalayam cab 1766 Book Now
Chennai to Vanur cab 2033 Book Now
Chennai to Tiruvannamalai cab 2929 Book Now
Chennai to Coimbatore cab 6979 Book Now
Chennai to Chittoor cab 2292 Book Now


Bengaluru to Mysuru cab 2080 Book Now
Bengaluru to Chennai cab 3727 Book Now
Bengaluru to Vellore cab 2726 Book Now
Bengaluru to Ooty cab 4215 Book Now
Bengaluru to Hassan cab 2588 Book Now
Bengaluru to Mangalore cab 5009 Book Now
Bengaluru to Kodagu (coorg) cab 3443 Book Now
Bengaluru to Coimbatore cab 4668 Book Now
Bengaluru to Puducherry cab 4784 Book Now
Bengaluru to Tirupati cab 3416 Book Now


Hyderabad to Guntur cab 3629 Book Now
Hyderabad to Vijayawada cab 2863 Book Now
Hyderabad to Kurnool cab 2380 Book Now
Hyderabad to Krishna cab 3207 Book Now
Hyderabad to Warangal cab 2436 Book Now
Hyderabad to Secunderabad cab 864 Book Now
Hyderabad to Suryapet cab 2237 Book Now
Hyderabad to Srisailam cab 3648 Book Now
Hyderabad to Tenali cab 4598 Book Now
Hyderabad to Ongole cab 4926 Book Now


Mysuru to Kodagu (coorg) cab 1856 Book Now
Mysuru to Bengaluru cab 2080 Book Now
Mysuru to Hebbettageri cab 1903 Book Now
Mysuru to Ooty cab 3128 Book Now
Mysuru to Virajpet cab 1922 Book Now
Mysuru to Thalayathimund cab 2667 Book Now
Mysuru to Nilgiris cab 2792 Book Now
Mysuru to Jakkalli (N. Begur) cab 1874 Book Now
Mysuru to Coimbatore cab 3593 Book Now
Mysuru to Mangalore cab 4133 Book Now


Coimbatore to Ooty cab 2044 Book Now
Coimbatore to Thalayathimund cab 2098 Book Now
Coimbatore to Palakkad cab 1564 Book Now
Coimbatore to Coonoor cab 2021 Book Now
Coimbatore to Kodaikanal cab 3332 Book Now
Coimbatore to Munnar cab 3557 Book Now
Coimbatore to Bangalore Urban cab 4587 Book Now
Coimbatore to Bengaluru cab 4579 Book Now
Coimbatore to Nilgiris cab 2073 Book Now
Coimbatore to Salem cab 2353 Book Now


Puducherry to Chennai cab 1511 Book Now
Puducherry to Mahabalipuram cab 1122 Book Now
Puducherry to Vellore cab 2359 Book Now
Puducherry to Viluppuram cab 860 Book Now
Puducherry to Bengaluru cab 4784 Book Now
Puducherry to Tirupati cab 3508 Book Now
Puducherry to Tiruvannamalai cab 1806 Book Now
Puducherry to Velankanni cab 2505 Book Now
Puducherry to Chidambaram cab 1423 Book Now
Puducherry to Madurai cab 5066 Book Now


Vellore to Chennai cab 1893 Book Now
Vellore to Puducherry cab 2304 Book Now
Vellore to Bengaluru cab 2726 Book Now
Vellore to Tiruvannamalai cab 2135 Book Now
Vellore to Tirupati cab 1794 Book Now
Vellore to Jakkur cab 2381 Book Now
Vellore to Koramangala cab 2617 Book Now
Vellore to Mahabalipuram cab 2052 Book Now
Vellore to Tambaram cab 2140 Book Now
Vellore to Kanchipuram cab 1971 Book Now


Ernakulam to Munnar cab 2457 Book Now
Ernakulam to Kumarakom cab 1572 Book Now
Ernakulam to Coimbatore cab 2591 Book Now
Ernakulam to Alappuzha cab 1481 Book Now
Ernakulam to Guruvayur cab 2463 Book Now
Ernakulam to Kochi cab 547 Book Now
Ernakulam to Thrissur cab 1661 Book Now
Ernakulam to Varkala cab 3240 Book Now
Ernakulam to Kovalam cab 5912 Book Now
Ernakulam to Mavelikara cab 1731 Book Now


Madurai to Rameswaram cab 2627 Book Now
Madurai to Kodaikanal cab 2485 Book Now
Madurai to Chennai cab 6147 Book Now
Madurai to Munnar cab 3613 Book Now
Madurai to Kanyakumari cab 3486 Book Now
Madurai to Ramanathapuram cab 2038 Book Now
Madurai to Rajapalayam cab 2097 Book Now
Madurai to Coimbatore cab 3237 Book Now
Madurai to Kumily cab 3246 Book Now
Madurai to Tirunelveli cab 2693 Book Now

Book one way cab service in West India


Pune to Mumbai cab 2184 Book Now
Pune to Nashik cab 2706 Book Now
Pune to Shirdi cab 2491 Book Now
Pune to Thane cab 2118 Book Now
Pune to Mahabaleshwar cab 2107 Book Now
Pune to Aurangabad (maharashtra) cab 3297 Book Now
Pune to Navi Mumbai cab 1856 Book Now
Pune to Borivali cab 2534 Book Now
Pune to Panchgani cab 2179 Book Now
Pune to Sangli cab 3133 Book Now


Mumbai to Pune cab 2184 Book Now
Mumbai to Nashik cab 2583 Book Now
Mumbai to Pimpri-Chinchwad cab 2025 Book Now
Mumbai to Lonavla cab 1965 Book Now
Mumbai to Shirdi cab 3317 Book Now
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar cab 4269 Book Now
Mumbai to Igatpuri cab 2054 Book Now
Mumbai to Panchgani cab 3461 Book Now
Mumbai to Surat cab 4051 Book Now
Mumbai to Kolhapur cab 5328 Book Now


Calangute to Canacona cab 2316 Book Now
Calangute to Navelim cab 1625 Book Now
Calangute to Hubli-dharwad cab 4153 Book Now
Calangute to Vasco da Gama cab 1478 Book Now
Calangute to Pune cab 8900 Book Now
Calangute to Belgaum cab 3415 Book Now
Calangute to Agonda cab 2601 Book Now
Calangute to Mumbai cab 9305 Book Now
Calangute to Kolhapur cab 4543 Book Now
Calangute to Orlim cab 1551 Book Now


Pimpri-Chinchwad to Mumbai cab 1932 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Navi Mumbai cab 1587 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Nashik cab 2676 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Thane cab 2294 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Aurangabad (maharashtra) cab 3722 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Shirdi cab 2708 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Kolhapur cab 3235 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Ahmednagar cab 2308 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Sangli cab 3563 Book Now
Pimpri-Chinchwad to Borivali cab 2627 Book Now


Candolim to Belgaum cab 3595 Book Now
Candolim to Kolhapur cab 4937 Book Now
Candolim to Hubli-dharwad cab 4981 Book Now
Candolim to Londa cab 3153 Book Now
Candolim to Mumbai cab 9305 Book Now
Candolim to Mangalore cab 6667 Book Now
Candolim to Cola cab 2792 Book Now
Candolim to Hosapete cab 7188 Book Now
Candolim to Dabolim cab 1642 Book Now
Candolim to Kolhapur cab 4937 Book Now


Ahmedabad to Udaipur cab 3728 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Vadodara cab 1872 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Rajkot cab 3203 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Surat cab 3534 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Mehsana cab 1447 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar cab 2908 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Bhuj cab 5478 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Palanpur cab 2461 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Anand cab 1358 Book Now
Ahmedabad to Mount Abu cab 3802 Book Now


Nashik to Pune cab 2939 Book Now
Nashik to Mumbai cab 2521 Book Now
Nashik to Pimpri-Chinchwad cab 2652 Book Now
Nashik to Shirdi cab 2080 Book Now
Nashik to Thane cab 2463 Book Now
Nashik to Navi Mumbai cab 2573 Book Now
Nashik to Saputara cab 2299 Book Now
Nashik to Surat cab 4372 Book Now
Nashik to Aurangabad (maharashtra) cab 3028 Book Now
Nashik to Borivali cab 2682 Book Now


Shirdi to Pune cab 2901 Book Now
Shirdi to Mumbai cab 3769 Book Now
Shirdi to Nashik cab 1732 Book Now
Shirdi to Pimpri-Chinchwad cab 2689 Book Now
Shirdi to Aurangabad (maharashtra) cab 2135 Book Now
Shirdi to Lonavla cab 3667 Book Now
Shirdi to Trimbakeshwar cab 2080 Book Now
Shirdi to Navi Mumbai cab 4269 Book Now
Shirdi to Mahabaleshwar cab 5797 Book Now
Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur cab 1697 Book Now


Baga to Canacona cab 2603 Book Now
Baga to Navelim cab 1676 Book Now
Baga to Pune cab 6947 Book Now
Baga to Belgaum cab 3574 Book Now
Baga to Londa cab 3153 Book Now
Baga to Hubli-dharwad cab 4981 Book Now
Baga to Kolhapur cab 4372 Book Now
Baga to Agonda cab 3065 Book Now
Baga to Mumbai cab 8703 Book Now
Baga to Dabolim cab 1368 Book Now


Thane to Pune cab 2106 Book Now
Thane to Pimpri-Chinchwad cab 2294 Book Now
Thane to Nashik cab 2463 Book Now
Thane to Surat cab 3374 Book Now
Thane to Mahabaleshwar cab 3921 Book Now
Thane to Lonavla cab 1971 Book Now
Thane to Kolhapur cab 5583 Book Now
Thane to Panchgani cab 4707 Book Now
Thane to Vapi cab 3076 Book Now
Thane to Sangli cab 5474 Book Now

Book one way cab service in East India


Kolkata to Digha cabs 2728 Book Now
Kolkata to Durgapur cabs 2380 Book Now
Kolkata to Asansol cabs 3032 Book Now
Kolkata to Howrah cabs 801 Book Now
Kolkata to Bardhaman cabs 1604 Book Now
Kolkata to Kharagpur cabs 2047 Book Now
Kolkata to Jamshedpur cabs 3867 Book Now
Kolkata to Mayapur cabs 2519 Book Now
Kolkata to Haldia cabs 1947 Book Now
Kolkata to Bankura I cabs 2868 Book Now


Patna to Muzaffarpur cabs 1807 Book Now
Patna to Gaya cabs 2627 Book Now
Patna to Darbhanga cabs 2552 Book Now
Patna to Bihar Sharif cabs 1642 Book Now
Patna to Sitamarhi cabs 2437 Book Now
Patna to Rajgir cabs 1916 Book Now
Patna to Motihari cabs 2900 Book Now
Patna to Samastipur cabs 2080 Book Now
Patna to Begusarai cabs 2073 Book Now
Patna to Nawada cabs 2360 Book Now

imgNew Town

New Town to Kolkata cabs 502 Book Now
New Town to Dhanbad cabs 5577 Book Now
New Town to Dhanbad cabs 5577 Book Now
New Town to Balasore cabs 3284 Book Now


Bhubaneswar to Puri cabs 1122 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Cuttack cabs 912 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur cabs 2634 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Balasore cabs 3326 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Bhadrak cabs 2479 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Dhenkanal cabs 1358 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Konark cabs 1314 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Barbil cabs 4774 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Kolkata cabs 7439 Book Now
Bhubaneswar to Joda cabs 4989 Book Now


Jamshedpur to Ranchi cabs 1597 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Kolkata cabs 4031 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Dhanbad cabs 2376 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Bokaro Steel City cabs 2605 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Durgapur cabs 3087 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Kharagpur cabs 2645 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Puruliya cabs 2080 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Hazaribagh cabs 4018 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Howrah cabs 4707 Book Now
Jamshedpur to Khunti cabs 2384 Book Now


Howrah to Kolkata cabs 584 Book Now
Howrah to Digha cabs 3198 Book Now
Howrah to Haldia cabs 1842 Book Now
Howrah to Kharagpur cabs 1751 Book Now
Howrah to Mandarmani cabs 2391 Book Now
Howrah to Jamshedpur cabs 4707 Book Now
Howrah to Diamond Harbour cabs 1587 Book Now
Howrah to Hidigan cabs 5693 Book Now
Howrah to Dhenkanal cabs 9114 Book Now
Howrah to Jamshedpur cabs 4707 Book Now


Ranchi to Jamshedpur cabs 1666 Book Now
Ranchi to Hazaribagh cabs 1780 Book Now
Ranchi to Dhanbad cabs 2436 Book Now
Ranchi to Bokaro Steel City cabs 1979 Book Now
Ranchi to Raurkela cabs 2865 Book Now
Ranchi to Ramgarh cabs 1058 Book Now
Ranchi to Patna cabs 5780 Book Now
Ranchi to Patratu cabs 1095 Book Now
Ranchi to Khunti cabs 1062 Book Now
Ranchi to Puruliya cabs 2071 Book Now

imgNorth Dumdum

North Dumdum to Durgapur cabs 2113 Book Now
North Dumdum to Bardhaman cabs 1912 Book Now
North Dumdum to Kolkata cabs 657 Book Now
North Dumdum to Bishnupur cabs 2403 Book Now
North Dumdum to Malda cabs 5255 Book Now
North Dumdum to Ranaghat cabs 1533 Book Now
North Dumdum to Bhabta cabs 3125 Book Now
North Dumdum to Ranaghat cabs 1533 Book Now
North Dumdum to Bardhaman cabs 1912 Book Now
North Dumdum to Durgapur cabs 2113 Book Now


Darjeeling to Siliguri cabs 2441 Book Now
Darjeeling to Gangtok cabs 3956 Book Now
Darjeeling to Bagdogra cabs 2217 Book Now
Darjeeling to Kalimpong cabs 3065 Book Now
Darjeeling to Jalpaiguri cabs 2332 Book Now
Darjeeling to Mirik cabs 2846 Book Now
Darjeeling to Pakyong cabs 3324 Book Now
Darjeeling to Pelling cabs 4379 Book Now
Darjeeling to Kolkata cabs 13764 Book Now
Darjeeling to Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus, Siliguri cabs 2463 Book Now


Guwahati to Shillong cabs 2485 Book Now
Guwahati to Barpeta cabs 1987 Book Now
Guwahati to Nagaon cabs 2931 Book Now
Guwahati to Imphal cabs 13728 Book Now
Guwahati to Silchar cabs 7198 Book Now
Guwahati to Lumding cabs 4942 Book Now
Guwahati to Bomdila cabs 8272 Book Now
Guwahati to Dibrugarh cabs 9465 Book Now
Guwahati to Hojai cabs 4043 Book Now
Guwahati to Kokrajhar cabs 4853 Book Now

Outstation travel in India

Gozo is focused completely on providing the most convenient and cost efficient travel between cities all over India. We work with local providers to enable low-cost, high service taxi travel which we strive to make cheaper and more convenient that traveling by bus or train. When traveling alone you can use GozoSHARE outstation shared taxi services and travel across India even on a low budget. If you are planning to travel in large numbers along with your friends or family, then booking a SUV or tempo-traveller as your One way taxi service will be the best option. Gozo offers you the various options for cars - Compact, Sedan, SUV, Tempo-traveller or Luxury vehicles - based on your budget and the number of people travelling.

Common questions when taking a One Way Private or Shared Taxi Service

At Gozo, we want you to be completely at ease and are happy to help you decide on the best options for your outstation / intercity travel.
Read our comprehensive FAQ for more answers about outstation travel and booking a taxi in India

One Way Taxi Fares

Most people opt for one-way taxi travel for one of the following reasons.

  • imgYour return plans are not confirmed
  • imgYou are a regular commuter who takes intercity trips for business or college or other official purposes
  • imgYour return plans are not confirmed
  • imgYou are visiting your family in other towns
  • imgYou are looking to save money compared to a round trip service
  • imgYou are looking to travel comfortably door to door from your home to your final destination. Traveling by bus or train can be very time consuming and can be more expensive than traveling by a one-way shared taxi.

Gozo today is the most popular taxi service for outstation travel in India due to our convenience, best value for money, billing transparency and amazing 24x7x365 customer support.